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fluffy green faux fur coat hanging on rack at grey background with sunbeams

Fashion Trends

Faux Fur, Vegan Fur — Is There a Difference in Impact?

Vegan fur seems to have stepped in as a re-brand for its faux counterpart — but neither may necessarily be more sustainable than the other.

clock September 15, 2020Tara Donaldson

Agua by Agua Bendita Wallflowers Collection

Ready To Wear

Is Slow Fashion the New Luxury?

If fast fashion defined the 2010s, slow fashion may be the marker of the new decade.

clock September 15, 2020Tara Donaldson

Another Tomorrow fashion brand

Fashion Features

B Corps May Be Fashion’s Next A-list

While B Corps haven’t long carried cachet for brands, interest in the designation is ramping up as sustainability becomes fashion’s “It” item.

clock September 15, 2020Tara Donaldson

A Los Angeles Police Department LAPD officer walks past street art of raised fists on a boarded-up business near a demonstration protesting the police killing of George Floyd, in Los Angeles, California USA, 08 June 2020. Funeral services for George Floyd are ongoing in Houston, Texas as protests continue across the US.Memorial protest for George Floyd in Los Angeles, USA - 08 Jun 2020

Fashion Scoops

Brands, Here’s Why Your Efforts on Race Are Falling Flat

So what, then, should you do? Try harder. Try more often.

clock June 9, 2020Tara Donaldson



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Neymar Jr.


Puma North America CEO Touts E-commerce Sales, Middle-America Shoppers

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