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Isko, Soorty, Collaborate to Launch Fabric and Garment Collection

The brands partnered to produce fabric and garment collections by way of a "shared approach."

Stylumia Talks Trend Dynamics, Growth of Demand Sensing in Retail

AI-driven trend forecasting platform Stylumia discusses its trend forecasting solution and retailers' need…

Start-up Thr3efold Launches Ethical Manufacturing Platform

Newly launched platform Thr3efold connects fashion brands with vetted ethical factories.

Riskified Discusses Retail’s $600 Billion Online Shopping Problem

Riskified delves into e-commerce payment authorization failures and its impact on the retail…

Isko Dives Deep Into ‘Waste Hierarchy,’ R-Two Technology

Ingredient brand Isko discusses its ambitious goals and priorities for denim production.

Drive Toward Outdoor Influences Consumer Spending, Instagram Trends

Stanley brand discusses emerging trends in the outdoor sector, such as the growing popularity of "walktails."

Luxury Method on Beauty Workforce Compliance, Post-COVID-19 Changes

The firm talks to Beauty Inc about compliance changes in the beauty industry due to COVID-19.

NielsenIQ Talks Beauty Trends, Divulges Details of New Modern Shoppers

NielsenIQ discusses its deep dive into consumer trends from the beauty sphere.

Artistic Milliners, Retraced, Join Forces for Farm-to-Fashion Cotton Traceability

Artistic Milliners will implement Retraced's sustainable supply chain management solution built on…

Fashion Gets Outdoorsy With Maison Kitsuné x Helinox Collaboration

The new Maison Kitsuné x Helinox collaboration symbolizes a celebration of summer.

Conscious Fashion and Lifestyle Network Launches, Supports SDGs

The new network engages creative sectors to support the SDGs and COVID-19 response and recovery for the…

Farm to Fashion: When Cotton Gets Conscious, Tackling Transparency

BASF launched the Sustainable Cotton Grower Fund to support cotton farmers in its e3 program.

Outdoor Footwear Trends Add Spring to Shoppers’ Steps

Outdoor footwear homes in on comfort and utilitarianism for spring trends.

Swimwear Gets Sustainable With O’Neill’s Expanded ‘Blue’ Collection

O'Neill expanded its eco-friendly activewear line with a new sustainable swimwear collection.

Outland Denim, Spell Collaborate for Premium 1970s-Era Denim Capsule

Outland Denim and Spell collaborated to launch a limited-edition capsule collection.