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Tracey Meyers

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‘Relational Shopping‘ Emerges as Potential Pathway to Brand Loyalty

Clientela discusses and defines "relational shopping" as a way for brands to interact more deeply and…

Wrangler Unveils Global Sustainability ‘WeCare’ Platform

Wrangler launched a new sustainability platform in tandem with an eco-friendly green jean offering.

Jeanologia’s ‘Handman’ Presents New Sustainable Solution for Denim

Jeanologia's new technology makes sustainable production scalable, the brand said.

The Lycra Company CEO Discusses Sustainability, Shift to Circular Economy

The Lycra Company discusses its new product offerings made from 100 percent textile waste.

Field Notes: Fly Fish Fashion Forward

Fly fishing in style means staying dry with the latest water-repellent technology for high-performing fabrics…

Fishing for Fashion: Outdoor Adventures Fuel Interest

As consumers take an active interest in the outdoors, fishing in all its facets emerges as a sport of choice.

Lycra Debuts EcoMade Fibers Made From Textile Waste

The Lycra Company and Itochu Corp. launch fibers made from 100 percent textile waste.

Elevated Basics Brand Numi Brings ‘Humanness’ Back to Fashion

Numi sat down with WWD to discuss conscious creation and empowering women through fashion.

Signals Analytics Offers Data Analysis for Nearly Two Million Brands

When it comes to retail data, the devil is in the details.

Klarna Discusses Shifting Winds of Retail, Emerging Customer Trends

Klarna discusses and distills emerging consumer trends with a data-driven approach.

Field Notes: Textile Chemical Use Is Getting Greener

Fabric firms are making chemical use creative and meeting sustainability goals for raw materials.

Marine Layer Goes Omnichannel with NewStore Platform

Marine Layer "set out on a path" to a better omnichannel experience in mid-2020.

MIT Engineers Transform Recycled Plastic Into Self-Cooling Fabrics

Engineers at MIT developed self-cooling fabrics from polyethylene, a material often used in plastic bags.

PredictSpring Modern POS Achieves ‘Built for NetSuite’ Status

The firm's omnichannel platform has been further integrated with NetSuite.

Citizens of Humanity Launches Into Loungewear, Nostalgic Sweatsuits

The Los Angeles-based denim brand discusses its move into loungewear.