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Tracey Meyers

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Reformation, FibreTrace Partner to Green Jeans

Reformation and FibreTrace partnered to create scannable, traceable denim for conscious consumers.

Conscious Fashion Campaign Convenes for SDG Virtual Education Hub

The Conscious Fashion Campaign's "Discover the Sustainable Development Goals" virtual educational hub is back…

A Win for Retailers, Banks and Consumers: Forter, Capital One, Combine Key Offerings

Forter and Capital One integrated their solutions to swiftly approve authorization rates and decrease false…

Ethical Fashion Brand Voz Reopens New ‘Sanctuary’ Store in New York

After a year of ups and downs, ethical fashion brand Voz is reopening its Voz Sanctuary store in a new…

Lenzing Unveils Sustainable Indigo Color Technology for Denim

The fiber firm's Indigo Color Technology for Tencel branded Modal fibers seeks to strengthen sustainability…

Lenzing Talks Textiles and Eco-Fibers, State of Sustainability Market

Tricia Carey, director of global business development at the Lenzing Group, on some of the firm's greatest…

Lycra Leads in Eco-Fibers, Technologies for Greening Fashion

Julien Born, chief commercial officer at The Lycra Company, discusses its take on fiber innovation and…

Outland Denim Expands, Debuts Ready-to-Wear Collection

Its foray into ready-to-wear is coupled with its mission to educate, empower and provide freedom for its…

Credit Karma on Working From Home Strategically, Professional Wellness

Credit Karma discusses working from home with wisdom, strategy and poise.

Nextail Says the Future of Fashion Leadership Is Female

Nextail's report says a growing number of women are taking on "the top job."

Consumers Cast Booming ‘Blizzard’ for Backcountry Equipment Sales

An emerging sect of new and evolving consumers headed for the outdoors are spiking sales in backcountry…

Field Notes: Nature, Rinse, Repeat

As a new category of nature-loving consumers emerges, apropos equipment follows.

Kount, Stuzo Partner for AI-Driven Fraud Prevention

Fraud protection solution Kount partnered with Stuzo's Open Commerce suite.

Let’s Bounce: Why Your Mobile Shopper Is ‘Gone in Three Seconds’

LambdaTest says more than half of mobile users leave a website that takes more than three seconds to load.

Bazaarvoice on ‘Value of Authenticity’ in Advertising, Social Media

Research from Bazaarvoice revealed a predilection for consumers' raw, authentic content over professionally…