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Valentina Zannoni

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Accessories Welcome Wagon

Four buzzworthy entrants into the world of accessories.

Manuel Bozzi: Branching Out

Manuel Bozzi is on a roll.

Mona Lisa Smile

Gherardini, the historic Florentine bagmaker, has turned to a mighty ancestor for its relaunch — the Mona…

Brazil: The Land Before Time

Brazil?s Pousada Teto do Cafundo encourages travelers to take their eyes off the clock.

Milan Preview: Scene

Keeping busy in Milano.

Replay Scents Due in October

Italian denim and sportswear firm creates men's and women's scents with P&G Prestige Products.

Armani, Yoox and E-fashion: Firms Launching Scholarships

With e-commerce sales set to exceed $300 billion by 2012, leading fashion companies from Giorgio Armani to…