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Valerie Seckler

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Some Stirring Seen in Apparel Spending

Survey shows consumers 18 to 24 have heightened interest in buying.

Census 2010 Offers Industry Window to the Future

The 2010 U.S. Census will be an information-driven crystal ball for the fashion crowd.

Survey: Consumers Prefer Cash

Cash rules. More than half the American public — 54 percent — is favoring cold, hard cash as the way they pay…

Nike Aims for World Cup Score

Nike is kick-starting its global soccer marketing for the FIFA World Cup.

Brooks Brothers Touts Supima in Spring Campaign

Brooks Brothers is devoting the biggest part of its spring-summer marketing budget ever — 50 percent — to one…

Study: Tax Refund Spending Stays Practical

Taxpayers will pay down debt and save.

Fashion’s Pricing Power Taking a Hit

Global competition represents a growing peril to luxury prices, according to Richard D’Aveni, author of…

A|X Armani Looks to ‘Utopia’

A|X Armani splits marketing spend between print, online and urban outdoor ads with hedonistic bent.

Minding Her Own Business

ENK’s Elyse Kroll discusses her production company and the Coterie, past, present and future.

Super Bowl Sidelines: Commercial Earnings Through the Years

A roundup of facts and figures from Super Bowls gone by.

Super Bowl Ads Tap Into Social Media

Dockers and Dove have invested in Super Bowl ads, but also plot coordinated online efforts.

After Obama Controversy, Weatherproof Picks Lincoln

Weatherproof has a few other tricks up its sleeve.

From Twitter to Youtube, Brands Get Creative

By engaging in social media marketing, brands are putting their images on the line.

Dockers to Advertise During Super Bowl

Brand returning to the game after eight-year absence.

2010 Must-Haves: What Consumers Want

Tech toys will be prominent on must-have lists at the dawn of the new decade.