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Veronique Hyland

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Back in Time: Daria Goes Haute

In an interview with the animated icon in 1998, WWD attempted to get to the bottom of Daria’s minimalist…

Mad About the Girls: “Mad Men”‘s 2007 Debut

Before the AMC hit became a cultural phenomenon, WWD shot the AMC show’s three female stars in…

Surf City

"Swell," a new exhibit across three Manhattan galleries, depicts work by and about surfers.

To Infinity and Beyond (But First, Let’s Stop at Gimbel’s)

In 1950, the department store's chairman talked about plans for a branch on the moon, of all places.

Retro Fit: A Look Back at Fashion Films

Whether they presented the fashion world as a corruption-ridden snake pit or a candy-colored dream world…

“Paper” Doll: Tatum O’Neal in 1973

Ryan and Tatum O'Neal sat for a father-daughter interview about their first film debut.

Halston’s Penney’s Serenade

While the disco-era great’s 1983 collaboration with the retailer is now seen as a case study in brand…

Minister of the Interiors: Todd Selby Turns His Blog Into A Book

The photographer Todd Selby's blog has been adapted into a book, "The Selby Is in Your Place."

Cheat Sheet: Fall 2010’s Newcomers

The designers debuting this Fashion Week have some unexpected backgrounds, whether they’re reformed jocks or…

Fashion Moments: A Look Back at 2009

Revisit the stories that made made fashion news over this past year.

Cheat Sheet: Spring 2010’s Newcomers

A model, a doll maker and two tabloid-loving Brits walk into Fashion Week. Not the setup to a cringe-inducing…

The Glove Compartment

Gloves, like shoes and Olsens, by definition come in pairs. But arguably the best-known glove in recent…

Fall 2009 Fashion Trend: Rustic Measures

This fall, some designers showed looks that wouldn’t be out of place on a hunting-and-fishing jaunt.

Richie-stan: Richie Rich Debuts Namesake Line

Hi there Waldorf Astoria, meet Richie Rich. Worlds will collide when the downtown darling shows his debut…

Cheat Sheet: New York Upstarts

The latest crop of fashion week debutantes isn’t letting anything stand in their way — from Chapter 11 to…