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Vicki Rothrock

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Hong Kong Firms Adapt to China Restraints

It isn't enough for sourcing companies simply to rely on the core business anymore.

Better Footing

A clearer international trade picture is helping the industry move forward.

Luen Thai Revenue Up in ’05, But Profits Down 56 Percent

Luen Thai Holdings Ltd., a major Asian apparel manufacturer, reported a 6.6 percent rise in revenue to $590.2…

Right Partner Key To Sourcing Plans

Manufacturing, like marriage, comes down to finding the right partner.

Looking for Sourcing Alternatives

The politics of global sourcing took center stage at the inaugural Prime Source trade fair in Hong Kong on…

Homegrown Brands Battle for Market Share

China has long been seen as the factory to the world, but more and more it's being looked at as an immense…

Hong Kong Benefits From Mainland Quotas

Local garment factories are getting a new lease on life, thanks to ongoing trade issues that give the "Made…

Hong Kongers Hike Apparel Budgets

Consumer demand for apparel here is on the rise, sparked by a desire among locals for new things to wear in…

The China Alternative: Hong Kong, Macau OPAs

Outward processing arrangements have become an integral part of the garment manufacturing business in Asia.

Lane Crawford Focuses on ‘Change’ With Hong Kong Unit

Lane Crawford is determined to create a retail experience that engages its sophisticated customers.

WTO Talks Make Headway in Hong Kong

Despite numerous protests, negotiators at the WTO meetings managed to come away Sunday with enough to keep…

U.S. Makes Cotton Concession To C4 Countries at Doha Talks

USTR Rob Portman said the U.S. would allow duty free access for cotton from four countries in Africa.

Slow Going at Trade Summit

On the second day of WTO talks in Hong Kong, nations entrenched their disparate positions on key issues that…

Growing Trade Tensions: Protests and Demands Kick Off Doha Round

The World Trade Organization summit kicked off Tuesday in Hong Kong with hopeful words and several protests.

Looking Ahead

Trade show organizers are planning for the future despite China's ongoing quota issues.