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Zeke Turner

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M: Secrets of Berlin

Germany’s capital is not a city that reveals everything at once. Herewith, a guide to a few of its hidden…

Living on the Edge With Selvage Jeans

Raw, selvage denim carves out a place in a market that finds freshness in antiquity.

Bread & Butter Revokes Plans for Public Opening

Just two months after the fair's chief Karl-Heinz Müller revealed plans to open the show to consumers…

Berlin Markets Lift Denim Outlook

Brands and buyers hope that growing trends can help them make up lost ground.

Bread & Butter Kicks Off

The urban and streetwear trade fair held an opening party in Berlin on Monday night.

Magazines Step Up Hollywood Pursuits

New York and The Atlantic have signed contracts with International Creative Management to help formalize the…

Times Magazine Hires Jon Kelly

He will run the front of the magazine.

New York Editor Chris Rovzar to Join Vanity Fair

He will be the title’s digital editor.

Remember When — and Retweet

The anonymous @condeelevator Twitter account grew fast — the audience climbed over 60,000 in the accounts…

Maura Egan to Exit Huffington Post

After almost five months, the publication's deputy entertainment editor is leaving the Web site.

Tough Times at the Newsstand

Fashion titles had a difficult first half, all apart from Vogue, which saw an increase thanks to Lady Gaga.

Marianne Nestor-Cassini Versus Vanity Fair

The widow of Jackie Kennedy pillbox hat designer Oleg Cassini is suing Vanity Fair and Condé Nast for $10…

The New Yorker Under the Microscope

Last week, The New Yorker ran a play-by-play about the Navy SEAL raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound in…

Tavi Gevinson Goes Out on Her Own

Jane Pratt’s involvement in the launch of Rookie, a forthcoming online magazine for teenage girls, is up in…

Hearst, Elle Staff Fete New Publisher

Kevin O’Malley, late of Esquire, was David Carey’s choice to run the empire’s new star.