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Blonde beauty Abbie Cornish may epitomize the Hollywood ideal, but the Australian actress isn't about to let good looks stand in the way of a great role.

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Hollywood, California

Beauty Features

California Dreaming

In the golden age of Hollywood celebrity, beauty companies were content to hitch themselves to the biggest star around and ride their gilded coattails all…

clock April 11, 2008Jenny B. Fine


Marketing and Promotion

On Your Mark

Beauty companies hope to score a perfect 10 when it comes to cross-promotional Olympics marketing.

clock April 11, 2008Ellen Groves

Makeup guru, Molly Roncal


The Germinator

Makeup artist Mally Roncal is absolutely fanatical about germ prevention. After her twin daughters were born last December, staying bacteria-free went from a…

clock April 11, 2008Megan McIntyre

Alessandro's Stiletto leg and foot perfume


Leg Work

If high heels aren’t enough to give one’s legs a lift, a spritz of Stiletto behind the knees should do the trick.

clock April 11, 2008Melissa Drier

VZ's new flagship


White Hot

Although the word “silence” is more usually associated with a temple or a meditation retreat than a bustling retail store, Argentinian architects…

clock April 11, 2008WWD Staff

Nigel Dare in Nigel's Beauty Emporium


Hollywood Hot Spot

“Nigel, this is Sylvester Stallone,” burbles Nigel Dare, doing the best Stallone imitation a 40-year-old immigrant from Guyana can muster as he recounts…

clock April 11, 2008Rachel Brown

New York City train

Beauty Features

Clean-Up Crew

This Earth Day, Benefit plans on covering up more than just under-eye circles.

clock April 11, 2008Megan McIntyre

Eyeshadow by Bourjois, bronzer by Lancome, eye colour by Laura Mercier, body shimmer by Fruits & Passion, gloss by Clinique, glitter gel by Givenchy, palette by Dior

Color Cosmetics

Metal Works

Summer’s bronze hues get sprinkled with gold for a glamorous molten look.

clock April 11, 2008WWD Staff

Di Parma Blu Mediterraneo Mirto Di Panarea by Acqua, room difuser by Archipelago, Guaiac Organic Perfume by Red Flower, Les Exclusifs De Chanel Sycomore by Chanel, Aqua Allegoria Laurier-Reglisse by Guerlain


Trunk Show

Forget flowers. The newest fragrances are woody, earthy and of the forest born.

clock April 11, 2008Megan McIntyre

Body mist by Dove, shampoo by Hair Rules, body wash by C.O. Bigelow Apothecaries, fragrance by Moschino Cheap and Chic, makeup mist by Clarins


The Big Squeeze

Fresh from the grove, citrus fruits tart up an array of products.

clock April 11, 2008Megan McIntyre

Makeup and Hair Practitioner, Byron Williams

Human Resources

Beauty Chez You

When clients come calling with an urgent need to primp for a gala, red-carpet event or last-minute photo shoot, these beauty experts already have their bags…

clock April 11, 2008Rachel Brown

Tower Bridge in London

Marketing and Promotion

The United Kingdom

Yeah baby! Time-pressed and beauty- obsessed, Brits love to indulge in all things new when it comes to beauty products and services.

clock April 11, 2008Brid Costello

Amy Adams

Marketing and Promotion

Opposites Attract

When it comes to creating beauty trends, the runway and the red carpet are as influential as they are unlike each other.

clock April 11, 2008Jennifer Weil and Jenny B. Fine

Abbie Cornish. Dress by Corey Lynn Calter, silk cardigan by Collection K, necklaces by J. Herwitt, Zoe Chicco and Erickson Beamon.

Human Resources

Ray of Light

Blonde beauty Abbie Cornish may epitomize the Hollywood ideal, but the Australian actress isn?t about to let good looks stand in the way of a great role.

clock April 11, 2008Marcy Medina


In Retreat

When Tinseltown’s elite want to trade the harsh glare of the paparazzi for the soft glow of a moonlit massage, they head straight for Mexico’s Mayan Riviera.

clock April 11, 2008WWD Staff

Argentinian ad with actress Florencia Raggi

Marketing and Promotion

Meet the Locals

Sure, superstar spokes-people have their place. But more and more companies are turning to local celebrities to reach their ever-increasing global markets.

clock April 11, 2008Molly Prior

Human Resources

National Pride

Though these actresses and pop stars are relative unknowns outside their homelands, they’re household names in their own countries.

clock April 11, 2008Michael Kepp and Brid Costello and Patty Huntington and Ellen Groves and Francesca Vuotto and Ekta Sawiani and WWD Staff

Lane Crawford in Hong Kong


Star Turn

Cutting-edge retailers divulge their standout product performers for spring.

clock April 11, 2008Melissa Drier and Michael Kepp and Stephanie Epiro and Brid Costello and Jennifer Weil and Jenny B. Fine and WWD Staff

Eleonora Annagnato preparing for work.

Human Resources

Dancing Queen

As first dancer at the Paris Opera ballet, Sicilian-born Eleonora Abbagnato spends up to seven hours a day exercising yet also finds time to nurture a…

clock April 11, 2008Ellen Groves


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W Magazine Fielding Buyer Interest As Staffers Depart

clock 5hKali Hays

Social Studies