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The denim industry is poised for a challenging year, even though women's jeans sales in the U.S. rose almost 5 percent to $7.7 billion in the last year.

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1930: Silent film actress Barbara Kent.

Fashion Features

Then Again

What goes around definitely comes around and fashion’s spin cycle is running full speed.

clock May 22, 2008Court Williams

Riccardo Bernocchi


Plotting a Tuscan Renaissance

Tuscany is looking to reclaim its status as one of the hubs of the Italian denim industry.

clock May 22, 2008Luisa Zargani

An ad from Seven For All Mankind's fall campaign.

Marketing and Promotion

A Turn Toward Online Advertising

Denim brands are beginning to grasp just how powerful a successful online advertising campaign can be.

clock May 22, 2008Amy Wicks

For fall, 80 percent of Z Co.'s line consists of denim.


Facing Back-to-School Challenges

Denim manufacturers are revamping strategies for a back-to-school season that just isn’t what it used to be.

clock May 22, 2008Georgia Lee

From top to bottom: Waxed cotton from Tejidos Royo; cotton, nylon and spandex from Lanificio Europa; Korat's cotton and polyester FDY, and cotton, copper and wool from Hecking Deotexis.


Wash and Wear

In the overcrowded denim market, manufacturers are using waxed surfaces, superspun polymers and ingenious metallic blends to create a slick, wet look they…

clock May 22, 2008Court Williams

H&M acquired a 60 percent stake in the parent company of Cheap Monday in March.

Fashion Features

H&M Puts Cheap Monday on Fast Track

With fast-fashion giant Hennes & Mauritz AB as its new owner, hip denim label Cheap Monday is reaching for megabrand stardom.

clock May 22, 2008Ellen Groves

A denim exhibit at the Japan Creation textile show in April.


Japanese Battle Slowdown With Innovation

Japanese denim makers continue to face tough market conditions at home and abroad, but they are hoping their high-quality cottons and indigo dyes will…

clock May 22, 2008Amanda Kaiser

Clockwise from upper left: Goldspun's denim jeans.; Goldsign's cotton and spandex jeans.; Earnest Sewn's cotton and elastane jeans.; Anlo's cotton and polyurethane jeans.; The Proportion of Blu's cotton and elastane jeans.; Pepe Jeans' cotton and...


It’s Getting Dark

With its saturated tones, resin-coated denim is the perfect antidote to more traditional blues.

clock May 22, 2008WWD Staff

Clockwise from upper left: Jae's D's cotton and Lycra spandex jeans.; Blue Blood's cotton and elastane jeans.; G-Star's cotton ; Freedom of Choice's; Chip & Pepper's cotton and spandex jeans.; 4 Stroke's cotton and Lycra jeans.; Habitual's cotton and...

Fashion Features

The Electric Company

From creamsicle orange to lime green, a rainbow of colors is on offer for fall.

clock May 22, 2008WWD Staff

Clockwise from upper left: Taverniti So's cotton denim jeans.; Nolita De Nimes' cotton and elastane jacket.; Jordache's cotton and spandex jeans.; Girbaud's cotton and elastane jeans.; Pratts Motor Spirit's cotton and spandex jeans.; Akademiks' cotton...


Hardware Store

Bells and whistles such as rivets, stitching and decorative zippers adorn the season’s denim.

clock May 22, 2008WWD Staff

Clockwise from upper left: Kill City's cotton and spandex jeans.; Gsus Sindustries' cotton dress.; Vanilla Star's cotton; Rock & Republic's cotton and spandex jeans.; dVb's cotton and spandex jeans.; Bubblegum's cotton and spandex jeans.; Corpus'...


Acid Test

The denim market is having an Eighties flashback with the decade’s acid washes turning up on jeans and dresses.

clock May 22, 2008WWD Staff

Clockwise from upper left: Agave's cotton and polyurethane jeans.;  J Brand's cotton denim jeans.; Dittos' cotton and polyester shorts.; YMI's cotton, polyester and spandex shorts.; Tyte's cotton denim jeans.; Paige Premium Denim's cotton and spandex...

Fashion Features

Fleet Week

Nautical styles add a preppy flair to jeans and denim shorts.

clock May 22, 2008WWD Staff

LEFT: Deener's cotton denim skirt and Whitley Kros' silk blouse.; RIGHT: Ksubi's cotton denim dress. Nikki Jaggs belt.

Fashion Features

Jean Acres

Denim comes in all forms this fall, from retro rompers to casual cutoffs. And when paired with splashes of color and painterly prints, it makes the perfect…

clock May 22, 2008WWD Staff

Found Denim uses ozone to mute the color of denim without weakening the fabric.


Eco Movement Hitting Its Stride

As the market for environmentally friendly DENIM GROWS, manufacturers are employing a widening variety of dyeing and finishing techniques in response to…

clock May 22, 2008Khanh T.L. Tran

Looks from American Living, produced by Polo Ralph Lauren Corp. and sold exclusively at J.C. Penney.


Catching Customers on the Downturn

Denim sales in the U.S. have slowed along with consumer confidence and the flagging national economy, which could be good news for mainstream and mass…

clock May 22, 2008Joanna Ramey



Brands Find Happy Medium

Jeans brands have embraced the middle ground.

clock May 22, 2008Julee Kaplan

Seven's store on Robertson Avenue in Los Angeles.


Betting Heavy on Signature Stores

Denim brands are betting their best weapon to combat a weakening economy and hedge against growing uncertainties in the retail environment…

clock May 22, 2008Ross Tucker

Women's jeans sales in the U.S. rebounded to $7.77 billion this year, after falling to $7.41 billion last year.


By The Numbers

Withering consumer interest and a weakening economy have dealt the denim industry a one-two punch over the last year, and the sting may be felt into 2009.

clock May 22, 2008Ross Tucker and Ellen Groves


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