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Las Vegas Shows Going More Global

Organizers must contend with a schedule that conflicts with lunar New Year celebrations.

L.A. Turns to Satellite Venues

The Los Angeles market is betting on the lure of satellite shows to showcase its fashion wares.

U.S. Economy on Slow Upward Path

Consumer spending and retail sales are expected to grow at a modest pace over the next six months.

New York Trade Shows Coming Together

BJI Fashion Group and ENK International are joining forces to colocate for the fall-winter market.

WWD Domestic Trade Show Calendar

A listing of shows.

WWD Domestic Trade Show Calendar

A listing of shows.

Domestic Trade Show Calendar

Listings are accurate as of press time, but attendees are encouraged to confirm dates and locations.

Seeking the Right Stuff in L.A.

The trade show scene here has seen a wave of new entrants of late, while long-running shows have also been…

Vegas Venues Take Retail Tack

Staging a successful trade show requires more than picking the right dates and a convenient location.

Economic Stability Seen for Second Half

Retailers attending the trade shows and regional marts in the next six months are facing relative stability…

Regional Marts Solidify Their Base

Brisk leasing and rising attendance are fueling an improved outlook at marts in Dallas, Atlanta and Chicago.

New York Fairs Look for Better State of Mind

Organizers of New York trade shows are pulling out all the stops for the second half to give buyers a reason…