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Regional Mart Focus: Chicago

In August, Stylemax is unveiling a new section devoted to contemporary lines that offer men’s and women’s…

New York Shows Look to Add Value

Organizers are facing economic realities with fresh concepts such as increasing the number to international…

Regional Mart Focus: Atlanta

AmericasMart Apparel has pinpointed three drivers responsible for the resurgence in growth it’s…

L.A. Fairs Cast Wide Net

Trade show organizers are implementing new strategies set themselves apart.

2011 Domestic Trade Show Calendar

Listings are accurate as of press time, but attendees are encouraged to confirm dates and locations.

Cultivating Buyers the Old-Fashioned Way

Marts in Los Angeles, Dallas, Atlanta and Chicago build on their strengths.

Vegas Venues Make Strategic Moves

Trade fairs fine-tune to lure buyers.

Bad Times Melting Away for N.Y. Fairs

Trade show organizers look to build momentum.

Retailers Believe in the Value of Trade Shows

Buyers call trade fairs their life blood.

Dallas FIG Goes for a Relaxed Mood

With a newly opened yoga studio on the premises, Fashion Industry Gallery aims to attract yoga and activewear…

Chicago Prom Fashions Continue to Consolidate

The consolidation continues in Chicago, where buyers in August can shop women’s, men’s, children’s and prom…

Miami Hosts Array of Boutique Trade Shows

Miami has become a hotbed for boutique trade shows.