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Luxe Brands Count on Collectors

As economies nosedive and stock markets crumble, major watch brands are hoping their most expensive…

Animal-Inspired Jewelry: Wild Things

Lizards and spiders and dragonflies, oh my!

New Jewelry and Watch Brands: Forward Thinking

Taking inspiration from physics to architecture, these new watch and jewelry brands are making their mark on…

Holiday Jewelry Trend: Retro Active

From classics to cult favorites, retailers across the globe divulge hot items for holiday

Credit Crunch Causing Consolidation

There probably aren’t many observers with a finger closer to the pulse of the market than the firms that…

Financial Outlook Challenging for Jewelers

Declines at jewelry chains continue as holiday season looms.

Book Club: Reading Jewelry

Now is not just a buyer’s market for jewelry, it’s an aficionado’s dream. Here is a listing of new books and…

High-Flying Jewelers Deal With New Reality

After years of booming sales, fierce expansion and blowout advertising campaigns, the fiscal crisis has…