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WWD Magic Preview: Brazil Boosts Exports on Favorable Exchange Rate

Brands battle low-cost imports, despite currency advantage.

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Where to take a breather around all the trade shows.

WWD Magic Preview: Top 10 Things to Know at the Show

Some key points of reference to make the most of the MAGIC Marketplace and Sourcing in the Americas Summit.

WWD Magic Preview: Sourcing in the Americas

The Western Hemisphere is diversifying and becoming a more viable alternative to rising costs in China.

WWD Magic Preview: Mexico Hurt by U.S. Slowdown

Industry battles competition and counterfeits.

WWD Magic Preview: Textiles Key to National Export Initiative

The Obama administration says it is on track to achieving its goal of doubling exports by 2015.

WWD Magic Preview: U.S., Canadian Spotlight

Companies deal with cross-border issues.

Scene: What To Do in Las Vegas

There's always something brewing in Las Vegas.

MAGIC Marketplace Calendar

What to see, where, and when at MAGIC

The Top 12 Things to Know at MAGIC

The who, what, when and where of the sprawling MAGIC Marketplace show and events.