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Planning Ahead

Casual lifestyle makers adopt a range of strategies to grow their businesses.

Engaging the Customer

Interest and innovation help coat makers weather the economy.

MAGIC Marketplace

Las Vegas Convention Center and Las Vegas Hilton, Aug. 25-27, 2008.

SushiSamba Comes to Las Vegas

The seven-restaurant chain brings its distinctive high-end fare to Sin City.

Yellowtail Sushi Restaraunt & Bar Is a Raw Delight

With award-winning chef Akira Back at the helm, the restaurant serves up a menu of traditional and modern…

Traditional Coats With a Twist

The staple gets a tweak with vivid colors and details.

Children’s Wear Makers Favor Wholesome Messages

Designers showing at WWD Magic focus on positive influences.

Lingerie Americas: Night and Day

Innerwear companies offer looks that can be worn in both public and private.

Designers Look To Old Hollywood for Inspiration

Casual lifestyle designers at WWDMagic are going for looks that channel the poolside divas of yesteryear.

Eco-Consciousness and Comfort Are Shoe Buzzwords at WWDMAGIC

Vendors are offering everything from hand-painted shoes made from sustainable bamboo, to featherweight…

Spring Accessories Make a Big Impact

Bright colors and bold shapes help the latest offerings make their mark.

Swim Vendors Offer Bold Colors and Convertible Styles

In a turbulent economy, the swimwear industry is not poised to make many major style waves.