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Men’s Fall 2010 Trend: Natural Spirit

Fall is all about interesting textures, cozy knits and layers.

All Around the Town: MAGIC’s New Dual-Venue Format

MAGIC organizers see no logistics issues in the new dual-venue format.

Green Opportunity

Cause-related marketing helps green brands buildbusiness.

E-Traders: Eco-Minded Brands Optimistic

Cause-related marketing helps green brands build business.

Play Date: Children’s Apparel Vendors Get Creative

Kids’ companies are thinking out of the sandbox.

A Mercurial Lot for Juniors’ Apparel Companies

Dealing with the recession and teenage girls is a real juggling act for juniors firms.

The Need for Speed

"Immediate delivery" is barely fast enough.

A Delicate Balance for Accessories Vendors

Price sensitivity is still key for accessories firms.

Scene: Food and Fun in Las Vegas

Check out Las Vegas' City Center and Town Square for some food and fun after the shows.

Modern Polish: Sophisticated Looks for the Contemporary Market

Sleek looks bolster the contemporary market.

Kicking Into High Gear: FN Platform

Las Vegas welcomes a new footwear trade show this month called FN Platform.

Shaking Things Up: MAGIC Shows Get New Layout

MAGIC’s show family is spreading out around town.