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Highlights of a nine-decade journey from leather craftsman to multinational empire.SEE LIST AT LEFT FOR ALL OF THIS ISSUE'S ARTICLESMORE! Watch exclusive video on our new app >>

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Francois-Henri Pinault

Business Features

François-Henri Pinault: The Builder

PPR’s soft-spoken chief continues to expand the luxury house while staying true to its roots.

clock February 23, 2011Miles Socha

Frida Giannini

Designer and Luxury

Frida Giannini’s Coming of Age

The creative director mixes heritage and modernity in making her mark.

clock February 23, 2011Alessandra Ilari

Patrizio di Marco

Designer and Luxury

Patrizio di Marco’s Directive

The ceo’s eye is keenly focused on maintaining Gucci’s image.

clock February 23, 2011Luisa Zargani

Robert Polet

Business Features

The Robert Polet Years

Gucci Group’s chief based his vision for the company on its core values.

clock February 23, 2011Miles Socha

Business Features

The Group Dynamic

Luxury loves company — and Gucci has plenty.

clock February 23, 2011Miles Socha

Mark Lee

Business Features

Mark Lee: Merchant of Milano

A born merchant and one of the industry’s most admired executives, he will be recalled for his time at Gucci as the unassuming American who boosted revenues.

clock February 23, 2011Samantha Conti and Miles Socha

Spring 1998

Designer and Luxury

Gucci’s World Wide Web

Sleek, chic, demure, over-the-top sexy. Gucci has covered — and uncovered — it all since apparel was introduced in the Sixties. Here are some highlights.

clock February 23, 2011WWD Staff

Fall 1995

Designer and Luxury

Gucci: For the Boys

Why should girls have all the fun?

clock February 23, 2011Katya Foreman

Web and Double-G bags, 1971.

Designer and Luxury


A brief history of Gucci’s handbag evolution.

clock February 23, 2011Alessandra Turra

Flora launched in 2009

Beauty Features

Gucci: Juiced Up

Fragrance has been a solid performer in all its incarnations.

clock February 23, 2011Kerry Olsen

Drew Barrymore in the 2007 jewelry campaign.

Marketing and Promotion

Get the Message

From simple to sultry to celebrity, for Gucci the branding takes center stage.

clock February 23, 2011Christine Lee

Gucci New York flagship on Fifth Avenue.

Designer and Luxury

Shop Keepers

Retail has always been a critical element in promoting Gucci.

clock February 23, 2011Luisa Zargani

Gucci Ipad app.


Gucci: The Tech Boom

The brand has made a priority of hanging out with the right click.

clock February 23, 2011Christine Lee

Sophia Loren at Gucci’s Rome store in the Seventies.

Designer and Luxury

Dressing With the Stars

Cultivating its celebrity relationships has practically been written into Gucci’s mission statement.

clock February 23, 2011Christine Lee

Gucci helped restore “La Dolce Vita” with The Film Foundation.


Gucci’s Film Magic

Not content with just dressing stars for the red carpet, the brand has been working its cinematic DNA into the preservation of motion picture history itself.

clock February 23, 2011Kerry Olsen

Mary J. Blige on Fashion’s Night Out, 2010.

Fashion Features

The Greater Good

When it comes to charity, Gucci doesn’t short-sell the glamour.

clock February 23, 2011Joelle Diderich

A double-G velvet shoulder bag from the early Seventies with leather trim and an enameled “tiger heads” ornament.

Fashion Features

Collectors’ Agent

In January 2010, Gucci launched an initiative with Christie’s auction house to expand its archives and offer an appraisal service to collectors.

clock February 23, 2011Alessandra Turra

Frida Giannini and Patrizio di Marco flank Jos Lansink, winner of the Gucci Masters, 2009.

Designer and Luxury

The Horsey Set

Giddy-up! Gucci’s been riding high for nine decades.

clock February 23, 2011Natasha Montrose

Fiat 500 by Gucci

Business Features

Gucci Goes Vroom!

The Fiat 500 by Gucci collaboration represents a set of values shared by two iconic Italian brands.

clock February 23, 2011Luisa Zargani

The made-to-order Aquariva Gucci speedboat.

Business Features

Getting Wet

Gucci proved private jets are not the only form of luxury transport out there with the launch of a made-to-order Aquariva Gucci speedboat.

clock February 23, 2011Kerry Olsen

Kate Beckinsale wears Gucci Première at the 3rd Annual Cannes Film Festival in 2010.

Fashion Features

Gucci Première’s Celebrity Following

To better tend to red-carpet whims and needs, the Italian luxury brand began offering haute couture in May 2010 with Gucci Première.

clock February 23, 2011Alessandra Ilari

Designer and Luxury

Eastern Standard

Gucci is expanding aggressively in Asia in an effort to tap into the region’s increasingly cash-rich consumers.

clock February 23, 2011Amanda Kaiser

Guccio and Rodolfo Gucci in front of the Rome store, 1938.

Designer and Luxury

Gucci: A History Lesson

Triumphs, tragedy, corporate raiding, scandal, reinvention and ultimately, indelible fashion icons, characterize nine decades of the Gucci story.

clock February 23, 2011WWD Staff

Tom Ford and Domenico De Sole at their final show in 2004.

Business Features

Gucci: The Reinvention

Pulling an ailing designer brand from the ashes had become known as “doing a Gucci.”

clock February 23, 2011Samantha Conti


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