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Justin Timberlake: Good Fit

For music and fashion icon Justin Timberlake,his own line was the next big step.

Fashion Rocks: Fast Facts

The fifth anniversary presentation of Fashion Rocks.

Denis Leary: Sharp, Dressed Man

Denis Leary brings his biting comedy style to the Fashion Rocks stage.

Timbaland: Versatile Style

Timbaland is at home wherever he hangs his many hats.

Solange Knowles: Stepping Out

Solange Knowles looks to fashion to help separate her from the pack.

Teen Singers to Watch

A new crop of teen starlets is following in the footsteps of Hilary Duff and Miley Cyrus aiming to use their…

Hair to Rock

Musicians make a statement with wild manes, retro manes or no manes at all.

Cher: Back in the Spotlight

At 62, Cher is still going strong, now in a Las Vegas show complete with 17 new costumes.

Carla Bruni-Sarkozy: Diplomatic Immunity

Mixing music and politics.

Sound Advice

BBC Radio DJ Mary Anne Hobbs speaks onthe next wave of electronic music.

Headlights: Fein Tuning

Headlights’ front woman scours the country for vintage pieces while on tour.

Sa Dingding: Eastern Influence

A Chinese pop princess brings her unique style to the West.