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Lombardy: Cosmetics Central

Look in your makeup bag. Chances are, a lot of the products in there came from this northern Italian region.

Preserving Master Craftsmanship in Italy

Preserving the master craftsmanship tied to an industry’s creativity and production is well worth the…

Davines Teams With Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity

The deal combines founder Davide Bollanti's passions for good food and innovative cosmetics.

Italian Producers Hedging Their Bets

Subject to the uncertainties of the marketplace, high-end producers are capitalizing on their finely honed…

Italy Stats and Facts

News and numbers from around the country.

National Treasure: Italian Fashion Houses Fund Monument Restoration

Fashion houses play a big role is restoring Italy’s artwork and archeological monuments.

Italian Government Steps Up Fashion Funding

The appeal and relevance of Made in Italy production is not lost on the government.

Catching Up With Tom Ford

Ford is officially doing double duty, simultaneously in the early stages of casting his second film while…

Shoe Designers Consider the Value of Suites

Shoe designers are often left out of the red carpet call-out, but brands like Paul Andrew have other…

Oscars 2015: Redefining Red-Carpet Glamour

Despite some sporadic fashion hijinx, red-carpet audacity is harder than you think.

Oscars 2015: A Brief History of Red-Carpet Coverage

Once upon a time, the Academy Awards were a rather innocent event.

Academy Award Contenders’ Red Carpet Beauty Plan

The sky’s the limit when it comes to the cost of getting red carpet ready.