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Oscar-Worthy Costume Party

It’s the real-life application for the kids who loved to play ‘dress-up.’

Catching Up With Tom Ford

Ford is officially doing double duty, simultaneously in the early stages of casting his second film while…

Shoe Designers Consider the Value of Suites

Shoe designers are often left out of the red carpet call-out, but brands like Paul Andrew have other…

Oscars 2015: Redefining Red-Carpet Glamour

Despite some sporadic fashion hijinx, red-carpet audacity is harder than you think.

Oscars 2015: A Brief History of Red-Carpet Coverage

Once upon a time, the Academy Awards were a rather innocent event.

Academy Award Contenders’ Red Carpet Beauty Plan

The sky’s the limit when it comes to the cost of getting red carpet ready.

The Most Expensive Dresses and Jewels at the Oscars

Tracking some of the most expensive dresses and jewels at the Academy Awards.

No Expense Spared for Oscars After Parties

Vanity Fair remains one of the most coveted—and pricey— Academy Awards after party invites.

Monetizing the Red Carpet Moment

Does a turn on the red carpet make the cash register ring?

Kathy Griffin: The Next Joan of Snark?

Kathy Griffin tells WWD what she really thinks of Gwyneth, Miley and Julianne.

Fashion & Film: They Wore It, We Wanted It

How 75 years of memorable movie characters influenced fashion.

Oscars 2015: Direction Meets Design

When fashion designers collaborate with movie directors, magic happens.