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Made in Italy: Milan Prepares for Intl. Showcase

The Universal Expo returns to Milan next year after almost a century, and the city is in a frenzy of activity…

EU Labeling Issue Flares Again

For years, European Union countries have been bickering over legislation that would mandate marking country…

Made in Italy: Design on the Industrial Front

Made in Italy’s global awareness rests on the country’s worldwide standing in furniture, industrial and…

Made in Italy: Art to Wear

Distinctive patterns become house signatures.

Made in Italy: Catching Up in E-commerce

Italian e-tailers are getting aggressive.

Made in Italy: The Prato Challenge

Solving the sweatshop crisis in the Prato region requires education and dialogue between the city and Italian…

Made in Italy: Stepping Up the Eco-Culture

Sustainability has been a hot topic in the Italian fashion system as brands and their suppliers increase…

Made in Italy: Stats & Facts

Italian apparel statistics complied by Eleanora Molesti.

Las Vegas Trend: White Noise

These white looks attract attention with surface interest and texture.

Las Vegas Trend: Tough Love

Cool motorcycle-inspired looks — with an ample shot of red —?are gaining major traction for…

Las Vegas Trend: They’re With the Band

With fringe, patchwork, embroidery and all things boho, music festival fashion is now a category unto itself.

Las Vegas Scene

When the sun goes down and the show floor closes, there are myriad ways to keep the action going in Vegas…