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People’s Choice for Newsmaker of the Year: Emanuel Chirico

The top 10 vote-getters as selected by visitors to

Number 5: Dance of the Designers

The revolving doors in Paris ateliers inspired a stellar season.

Newsmaker of the Year: Ron Johnson

The J.C. Penney chief has established himself as a retail iconoclast, willing to rewrite the rules of the…

Number 2: It’s the Economy, Still

The industry has hopes for the future, but nowhere to turn for stability.

2012: In Memoriam

The following people from the worlds of fashion, retail, beauty and media died this year.

Number 10: Fight Club

Was it something in the water? Cattiness ran rampant this year, with lawsuits, name-calling and that…

Number 3: Sandy Strikes

The devastating megastorm destroyed properties and caused angst among retailers and suppliers heading into…

Number 6: London Times

An unprecedented string of celebrations, from the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee to the 2012 Summer Olympics…

Number 8: The Men’s Mission

New looks and new customers are propelling a resurgence in the business.

Fashion Moments of 2012

WWD highlights the most dynamic moments in fashion this year.

Number 7: Mobile Mojo

Tablets are driving momentum in m-commerce.

The Year in Fashion: They Said It

The highly quotable are at it again.